Customize your very own SOGGLE & SOGGLE headband

Being unique was never that easy!

Our hashtag #mysoggle gets company from #mysoggleheadband! From now on, you can not only order your personal SOGGLE from 1 piece, but also your very own, individual SOGGLE functional headband!
With us you can design your own unique item and order it quickly and conveniently to your home. Generally, your item will be ready for dispatch after only 48 hours. Are you someone who likes to let others do the design work? Nothing could be easier! Simply choose one of our designs and add your personal touch.


All personalizable SOGGLEs

Here you can find some examples


What you see is what you get ! Please check your design in the configuration preview before you proceed to checkout!

Personalized products are excluded from exchange.


How does it work to configure my personal SOGGLE?

According to the motto “what you see is what you get”. This means that the preview in our 2D configurator corresponds approximately to the print image. The configurator itself should be self-explanatory. Here you can create your personal design with text and/or pictures (min. 1000 x 500 px / 300 ppi resolution).

– The article description describes which individualisation options are available
– Place important image areas in the inner blue rectangle so that they are fully visible on the ski goggles.

– Make sure that your picture fills the entire configuration area (=outer blue rectangle).

– Check if your text is completely visible.


How long does it take until I receive my individual SOGGLE?

Usually the production of your SOGGLE is completed and ready for shipment within 24 hours.
Depending on where you live, you will receive your personal SOGGLE after only a few working days.

How good is the quality of my picture on the SOGGLE?

Top. Our production is specialised in photo printing. However, the resolution of your image as a basis requires at least an image size of 1000 x 500 px with a resolution of 300 ppi. Of course we can also produce larger sizes. A photo with a good smartphone is usually sufficient.

As a corporate customer, do I also have to order via the configurator?

We are happy to forward business customers to our merchandise department. Here we will be happy to advise you comprehensively about design, possibilities and conditions from 100 pcs. If you only want a very small edition, then this would actually be easiest and fastest to do via SOGGLE Individual as well.

Can I also configure my SOGGLE on my smartphone?

Yes, in principle you can use our configurator with any mobile Smart Device. However, for designs with your own pictures and exact positioning, we recommend you work with a laptop or PC.

Can I exchange my individually configured SOGGLE?

When producing an individual SOGGLE we pay attention to highest quality, best possible price and fast delivery times. In order to guarantee this, our processes are highly automated. The order therefore goes directly into the production process after design in our editor. Therefore, typing errors entered by the customer, qualitatively insufficient images (for example due to insufficient resolution), design errors for which we are responsible ourselves as well as incorrect product selection, incorrect order quantities or other errors / defects caused by the customer when entering the order are excluded from the complaint / warranty.

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