Brand & Company

The brand SOGGLE

SOGGLE stands for multifunctional protection (shielding) for your goggle. Our brand values  are: “multifunctional”, “stylish”, “individual”, “practical”, “simple” and “sustainable”. This is based on the high problem solution of our first product:

Which skier isn´t annoyed about scuffed and scratched ski goggles? As soon as you take off your helmet, your glasses are already scratched – during lunch, après-ski or even during transport. Very few skiers want to wrap their ski goggles correctly as soon as they take their goggle of and store them properly, a lot of hazzle on a liftride or when you hit the bar…

A SOGGLE solves this problem in a very simple way – and at the same time offers significant added value. In addition to protecting the glasses, SOGGLE is also a glasses cleaning tissue made of microfibre and becomes a visible expression of individual style or even a new advertising space for brands in ski resorts! The application is versatile and practical, except during skiing itself.

Industrial property rights are registered for both the trademark and goggle / vizor cover in different countries.

The SOGGLE company

SOGGLE GmbH was founded in Bad Tölz / Bavaria by a team of passionate winter sports enthusiasts.

Since the official market launch in 2018, SOGGLEs have been available through the company’s own online store, in selected sports shops and as exclusive and innovative merchandise gadgets.

But SOGGLE today includes much more than the first “standard” SOGGLEs. We have significantly expanded our product portfolio! Enjoy browsing through our online-shop!